The Chef

Chef Syafiq Zane

Chef Syafiq Zane is enhancing the Halal food scene by reinterpreting Nouvelle cuisine with Malaysian ingredients and local flavors. He is passionate about supporting Malaysian, artisanal farmers and fishermen. And Chef Syafiq commits himself daily to creating beautifully, plated dishes that are symbolic to his passion and love for this industry, here at Fiq’s Gastronomy.

Chef Syafiq studied at the prestigious Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Culinary & Food Service Management. He did a vigorous training with 3 Michelin Star Chef Jean Gorges at his flagship restaurant in New York City of the same name and James Beard award nominee Chef Jonathan Cambra. It was at Jean Georges that Chef Syafiq perfected his discipline and skill in the kitchen and was introduced to a whole word of flavor profiling that he still uses to this day at Fiqs Gastronomy. While working in the United States, Chef Syafiq was exposed to the art of local produces and the farm to table movement. and the importance of growing tasty produce and utilizing these fresh ingredients to create amazing cuisine.

With all these knowledge and experience under his belt, Chef Syafiq opened his own restaurant in the heart of Subang Jaya – Fiq’s Gastronomy in February of 2014. Fiq’s Gastronomy is his true passion project and a labor of love that is renewed everyday when his customers walk through the restaurant doors to experience an epic gastronomical journey. The menu at Fiq’s changes every 3 months to ensure freshness and allows it’s customers to be exposed to a wide variety of his innovative approach to gastronomy.

Chef Danial Shahir

Chef Danial’s journey into the world of Culinary arts truly began when he enrolled in KDU Culinary program in 2006, where he graduated two years later. As a fresh graduate his first parlay into the Food and Beverage industry was at Delish Bangsar, where he worked as a Commis Chef. This was his introduction to the fast pace, demanding hustle and bustle of working in a kitchen where he acquired new skills and finesse.

His insatiable desire to master his craft led him to G3 Kitchen & Bar Bangsar, where he was offered the Chef de Partie, a position that taught him intricate flavor profiling, European techniques of cooking and an awareness of who he was as a Chef. It was only a year later when he was offered the position as a Senior Chef de Partie at Benjamin Yong’s latest establishment at the time, Beast by B.I.G Group.

His experience at Beast exposed him to casual dining. He got to work with rare ingredients, learn modern cuisine and sealed his knowledge of modern gastronomy. It is his knack for layering exquisite flavor profiles, his skill for creating beautiful dishes using local ingredients and flavors, and his overall passion for this world that brought him to his current position as the Sous Chef of Fiq’s Gastronomy.